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Prevention is better than cure.

I am 85 years old and lucky enough to be in good health and able to walk, ride a bicycle, do aqua aerobics and other exercises.


I have had massages and osteopathy treatments for years and find that Dave’s form of deep massage is excellent and I attribute much of my “well-being” to this. I can strongly recommend this form of treatment to maintain your

physical fitness.


Joan M.


I have been receiving treatment from Dave for over 4 years for chronic migraine and lower back pain.


Dave’s skill and expertise has made such a difference for my quality of life and overall improvement of my health.


I have previously been treated by physio’s and chiropractors and none of them have been able to provide the sort of long term relief that I have experienced with Dave.


Jool W.


On my first meeting with Dave I was worried about a frozen shoulder.


I had been to a couple of practitioners who were unable to help me.


Dave had a thorough understanding of the problem which gave me confidence.

 I am pleased to say that with a group of treatments and gentle exercises I now have full movement in the shoulder.


I now have regular maintenance treatments to keep my back and neck supple, this has helped improve my posture and mobility.


Dizzy D.







I’d had pain and poor movement in my right shoulder for several years following a motor-bike accident and had tried using various professionals to sort it out without success.

After a few sessions with Dave my movement improved substantially and the pain eased, eventually disappearing.


His thoughtful and intuitive approach worked well with me and I’d certainly recommend him

to others.


Richard D


I approached Dave Clarke in June 2013 after I slipped on some steps at work in April 2012. I split the back of my head open, causing whiplash to my neck and back, overstretched my hamstrings and also hurt my arm on impact.

I’d had other forms of treatment, Physio, Osteopathy, Holistic massage, Acupuncture but could not get any periods free from

the symptoms.


I’ve had X-rays, MRI scans, various doctors’ appointments but I’ve been told I have soft tissue damage. I needed to find a treatment that was going to allow me to carry on my every- day life.

I am a wife, mother of 4 children and a Freelance Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Sports massage therapist and mobile hairdresser.


I couldn’t function properly, the muscular pain was affecting my work and home life in all areas from sleep, mental alertness, confidence, strength

and stamina .


I’ve had to give up massage and cut my hairdressing work load down, and adapt classes

I teach.


I made an appointment with Dave to see if he could assess my symptoms and hopefully make a change to how I felt as I was at breaking point.

Dave was very polite, professional and clearly very knowledgeable in his profession. He explained the benefits of his Myofascial treatment and not only made me feel better mentally, physically and emotionally, I could also see my posture change for the better and am able to move more freely , and have better quality of life.

Initially I had weekly appointments, then every other week, then monthly. I could not believe how much better I felt, moved and slept.


I sadly lost my dad in Oct 2013 and life was quite stressful and couldn’t make any appointments as I had to try and help run a family business.

I got family life under control but physically I was a mess and the symptoms all returned with

a vengeance.


I have been seeing Dave now since 2014 and generally have appointment once a month to keep all my symptoms to a tolerable level so I can continue to function for work and home life.

Dave is not just a hands-on therapist he also listens and advises all sorts of self- help treatments. He keeps accurate records on what treatments he had done and how I felt straight after, and days and weeks later.


Dave is really flexible with appointments to sort most people’s working lives and has a lovely treatment room, which also provides a very calm and relaxed environment.


I have recommended Dave to many people, especially when people like myself have had other treatments with different therapist but not got the results expected.


My treatments are now part of my life and I wouldn’t be able to do what I do now if it wasn’t for his treatments and listening ear.


Michele C.