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The Massage Treatment Process During Covid Outbreak


With the advent of Covid 19 it has been necessary to make some alterations to the approach to the massage treatment.

At the first stage it is important to identify if you are clinically extremely vulnerable (unable to treat) or clinically vulnerable (may not be able to treat). Please see the attached link if you are unsure


For those people who contracted Covid 19 and recovered there could be some lingering issues like circulatory implications (e.g. thrombosis) and various aches and pains. Before embarking on the massage route clearance from your GP/health practitioner is important as massage can be contraindicated for such people.


Additionally, if you are experiencing symptoms of Covid 19 you should self-isolate and not book a massage. The main symptoms are high temperature (hot to touch on chest or back), new continuous cough and loss/change in sense of taste or smell.


For the foreseeable future (until social distancing requirements are lifted) the pre-treatment consultation will take place on-line or by phone. I will email to you a standard consultation form and a supplementary Covid-specific form. This reduces the need for a face-to-face conversation.


The mobile service is temporarily suspended.


Appointments will be carried out at the Marlow Club.


Upon arrival, please wait in your car if you are early and I will text you when I am ready to see you. I will meet you at the main entrance to the club and lead you to the treatment room.


There is a one-way system in operation at the club to mitigate the chance of face-to-face contact. Please wear a face covering. Clients who are key workers should be showered and changed if coming from work.


I will be wearing a visor, mask, gloves and an apron to perform the massage. I have a contact-free temperature gauge and may record your temperature.


Please bring your own bottle of water, if desired, and pen.


Small possessions (e.g. mobile phone and car keys) should be placed in the box provided.


When disrobing please place your clothes on the seat or hang on the hooks on the back of the door. Please sanitise your hands before getting on the couch. When prone (face down) your mask can be removed if wished.


Payment will now be by card machine rather than cash.


The room will be cleaned and ventilated between clients.


Your details will be kept secure but may have to be disclosed in the event from contact by NHS track & trace.


If you begin to feel unwell prior to the session please contact me to defer the appointment