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Benefits of Massage



The body is an amazing and complicated piece of machinery. Efficient functioning relies on numerous systems that are inter-dependent on each other. A problem with one system is likely to have a knock-on effect in others.


Massage can help relax/stimulate each of the systems to encourage them to work more effectively.


Massage relies on touch, which is a neglected sense. Touch can be comforting and re-assuring. If we knock ourselves we instinctively "rub it better".


Regular massage can, in the long-term



·   Improve circulation


·   Stimulate the body's natural repair work


·   Improve muscle suppleness


·   Boost the immune system


·   Lower high blood pressure


·   Assist efficient operation of the digestive system


·   Improve nerve communication and relax the nervous system to combat anxiety



With the application of more advanced techniques, massage can also be used to work on pain conditions and facilitate the body's self-healing process. Please refer to the page on Advanced Clinical Massage for more detailed narrative.