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What is "Clinical Massage"?



It can be described as the use of sports and remedial massage techniques aimed at the relief

of pain.





Many pain conditions derive from problems with soft tissues e.g. muscles. Tight muscles can interfere with the movement of joints; for example, tennis/golfer's elbow arises from the inflammation at the attachments of the wrist extensors/flexors.

Through the use of massage it is possible to work with people who have conditions that include:-


· Headaches/migraines


· Jaw pain (Temporomandibular joint

  "TMJ" disorders)


· Neck and shoulder problems

  e.g. torticollis


· Tennis/golfer's elbow


· Carpal tunnel syndrome


· Lower back pain


· Hip and pelvis problems


· Knee pain


· Plantar fasciitis


In the case of working on jaw pain, I am trained and insured to work intra-orally, an area not normally associated with massage therapists. In many cases, people could benefit from this work without realising it.

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Advanced Clinical Massage