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I'm Dave Clarke


I am an  Advanced Clinical & Sports Massage Therapist having successfully completed the BTEC Level 6 Professional Diploma at Jing Institute of Advanced Massage training.


I have a wide range of techniques at my disposal but within this I have a strong emphasis on myofascial release.






Important Information

I am based in Berkshire with practices in Marlow and Burnham.Some of the successes I have achieved working with other clients include:


Relief of persistent headaches, carpal tunnel problems, lower back pain and hip and knee problems.





Most of my work is on a remedial basis though I also advocate and encourage regular "maintenance" sessions for preventative purposes and as an integral part of general well-being, aiding relaxation.






Through the use of  soft tissue manipulation we can work together to encourage your body to achieve its

full potential.


This includes pain relief while maintaining a status quo to improve quality of daily life.




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I approach my clients with a holistic viewpoint recognising there may be issues other than just the area of pain

complained of.